Home sweet home.

Through the open construction of my crazily sustainable house I share 7 years of research on the purest meaning of sustainability.

Volcano Eco Lab


Hola, my name is Marti, I’m a young Energy Engineer and LEED sustainability designer. Traveling taught me the truest meaning of sustainable life, far more than any university could do.

I have recently moved to Fuerteventura, because here’s where I feel home. That’s why I have decided to start the big project of my life: self-building my own place. I am more than sure this is going to be the most sustainable house in the world but this is not my aim, because it’s not a challenge.

My only aim is sharing the immense value of sustainability, putting into practice all that I have learnt in the last 7 years of unconventional, amazing research.


Because true sustainability must be accesible for everyone.


For spreading the immense value of sustainability, step-by step.


And the smartest way for starting the change,  today.

OUR Friends

Great people who have decided to show their love for the cause.
It doesn’t matter what you do, let’s get in touch if you believe in open sustainability too.