Houston, can you hear me?

Houston, can you hear me?

Post #1. My truly sustainable life starts here.

Hola! Here I am, my name’s Marti and I’ve just bought a tiny piece of land in Lajares, a small village at the foot of one of the most beautiful volcanoes of Fuerteventura.

This is the beginning of the big project of my life: go at the root of sustainability.

Step n.1 is the physical basis: a truly sustainable place to live in.
Using my strong academic background combined with my unconventional passion for the subject I am going to self-build one the most sustainable house in the world.

But there’s more, since I deeply believe in the importance of sharing good things, I’m making the whole process of building open for everyone. So, here we are.

View of Lajares from the Volcano path.

On this website I am sharing about 10 years of investigation and the whole story of the proyect, growing every day. You’ll find all the ideas, tips, sketches, documents, projects, designs and point of views of people willing to participate. Everything will be public and free for everyone, to inspire and for being inspired at the same time.

Maybe you always wanted to set up a permaculture automatic garden, or build a bio-pool, maybe you dream is to shape a stone oven for cooking bread, or maybe you have the ultimate solution for making cheap concrete-free foundations. The good thing is that now we are going to do all this!

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.
Jochen Zeitz

Don’t be shy, it doesn’t matter if you want to give just quick hint or you want to come to the island to dirty your hands with me. If you really want it we can arrange everything. Let’s begin getting in touch

No matter what happens, this is going to be the most unique house project in the world!

Big hug,


About the Author

Marti Boniardi

Energy Engineer and Sustainability Designer, traveler, very bad musician, nature and art lover. I started the Volcano Eco Lab project for finally putting into practice the last 10 years I spent investigating the purest meaning of te world "sustainabile".