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Architecture melted with nature

Architecture melted with nature

My vision of architecture and my way to use it for enhancing the environment

So here we are, the architectural phase has started! Big stuff, big step that will require a bit.

It’s now time to take a pencil and start putting all the ideas on paper. You can participate, the technical drawing of the piece of land is now available on the Archive section, you can download it and sendto me all your suggestions.


I have spent the last three months living close to the piece of land, talking with locals, observing the surroundings and trying to understand which resources nature offers and how bureaucracy limits them. Using wisely what the glocal environment offers is the only way for reducing my impact and save money (and they are both mandatory for this project).

Here’s what I found:

  • A lot of wind, as expected. Strong wind, coming mainly fron North and North-East. So the house has to be designed smartly, shaped for protecting as much as possible the outer living area, using the wind wisely for natural ventilation.
  • A lot of beautiful lava stones. A true gift of nature. I’d love to make the outer walls with lava stones but I have to be 100% sure it’s the most sustainable option. We’ll talk about that.
  • A lot of sun, pretty much always. Sun makes people feel better, me in particular, and it also means one thing: a lot of light. I would love to use the light for creating a sensation of continuity between indoor and outdoor environments. 
  • According to the budget I was thinking about building a big common living area with kitchen and 3 or 4 bedrooms, with independent access from the outside. 
  • Due to the classification of the piece of land (Suelo Rùstico de Asentamiento Rural), we are allowed to build no more that than 250mq on the first floor (25% of the total area of the land)and 30m^2 on the second floor, with sides no longer than 6m and with the possibility to add a bathroom. I don’t need such a big surface, so the house will be smaller.
  • The first floor can’t be higher than 3,5m. The total maximum height of the two levels is 5,5m.
  • The construction must be built at least 5m far from the outer perimeter of the land. By law. 
  • Wood is not allowed as exterior walls finishing and that’s sad, I know.

But let’s sum everything up:

  • The house must protect from and exploit the wind
  • Let there be a lot of light
  • A big, common living area with kitchen and 3-4 bedrooms with independent access.
  • It will be smaller than the total allowded 280sqm
  • Max height of the first floor: 3,5m. Max height of the building: 6m.
  • Nothing built within 5m from the perimeter of the land
  • No wood for outer walls, sorry.

It’s now time for a tiny dream; Fuerteventura is a UNESCO Starlight Reserve since 2009. It’s really plenty of stars at night and it’s truly amazing.

The beautiful sky of Fuerteventura at night. [source: starsbynight.es]

That’s the reason why I dream about installing a big window on each bedroom ceiling allowing people to admire starlight when they go to bed. And due to the perfect temperature all-year-long I dream about an area for sleeping open-air at night. Ok, wow.

Let’s go on!



1. [Land_plan_SKP.skp] The SketchUP drawing of the piece of land
2. [Land_plan_100.dwg] The AutoCAD drawing of the piece of land, scale 1:100
3. [Land_plan_200.dwg] The AutoCAD drawing of the piece of land, scale 1:200
4. [Land_plan_PDF.pdf] The PDF drawing of the piece of land