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How to buy a land in Fuerteventura

How to buy a land in Fuerteventura

We’ll analyze the Nota Simple, the most important document for buying a land in Fuerteventura.

After chosing a great sustainable site it’s time to know how to buy it. 

“Be careful, many people have been cheated” is the sentence I heard most of the times after telling to locals I was about to buy a land here in Fuerteventura. I have to admit I never really fully trusted them because I felt a positive vibe. And I was right, everything went perfectly smooth. Carlos, the ex-owner of the land and the chief of Rosa de Tenicosquey S.L. (his society and formal owner of the slot) has been great, kind, patient and precise.

So, first of all, thank you Carlos!

This is Carlos, the man who made the buying process a great experience

So now I can finally say I have a place on this planet and I’m ready to be shared with beautiful people. This is so awesome!

In this post and in the next one I will tell you what to know, before paying a cent, if you want to buy a land in Fuerteventura, being aware that explaining everything about the process of buying could require an entire ecyclopedia.

First recommendation: following your instincts and giving a chance to common sense is more than enough. What I will do is telling you my personal experience and the main tips that could speed up the process if you want to do the same thing. I will tell you the basic steps and tips for buying a land in Fuerteventura.

I have decided to start with the analisys of the Nota Simple because this is the first and the only key document that you need to study in depth before buying a land in Fuerteventura. Here you have a screenshot of the document, that you can also download here in the Archive (as PDF).

Nota simple, the introductory section

The literal translation of Nota Simple is “simple note” and the good news is that it is actually simple for real, simplifying a lot our journeys.

The Nota Simple is the equivalent of the “criminal record” of the piece of land. All you need to know about the piece of land you want to buy is written in this document. It has a date of reference and all the records written in the nota simple refer to what has happened till that date.

Where to get the Nota Simple?

Obtaining the nota simple is very easy and cheap. All you have to do is asking it at the Registro de la Propriedad (the Property Registry office). It will take about three working days before being in your hands. I strongly recommend to ask for the nota simple histórica, the document with the added historical list of the previous owners. I paid the Nota Simple histórica 6,43€ euros and it’s hundred percent worth it (below we’ll see why).

My experience with the Registro de la Propriedad was super-positive, the girls working at Corralejo’s office were kind, welcoming, professional and gave me everything definitely in time. So, again, thank you.

The Nota Simple in detail

But let’s see the main content of the document. Let’s see how to reduce the possibility of being cheated and let’s begin from the first part of the document:

Nota simple, the introductory section.

1. Registry number of the piece of land. That’s the number you need to know from the owner for going to the registry and ask the nota simple. You can also go to the Visor Grafcan, a great, official database of the Carary Government, for checking the registry (use the right menu). You should be able to find it.

2. Place of the land and outer boundaries. Check if they match with what you’ve been told.

Let’s go on now with the section dedicated to the Descripción de la finca (the description of the piece of land).

Nota simple, section with the description of the piece of land.

3. Here’s written how the piece of land is classified. In my case it is called asentamiento rural con extensiones y agricultura intersticial. With that in mind all you have to do is check the possibility of building a house on this type of land. You can do it going to the municipality office, reading the PIOF (Plan Insular de Ordenación de Fuerteventura) or asking to someone who knows what he’s talking about, like an architect. I did the whole three it, I had the confirmation that I would have been able to build and I discovered all the legal limits I would have had in the building process.

4. In case the piece of land was part of a bigger, partitioned one, this section explains the details of the division, in order to give a reference about which piece are we really talking about. In this case it is VERY important that you ask the Liciencia de Parcelación, the document that proves that the splitting process has been approved by the municipality.

Let’s move on, to one of the most important sections of the nota simple: previous ownerships:

Nota Simple Detail

Nota simple, section with previous ownerships

5. This section is the one that comes only if you ask the historical version of the nota simple. The rule is simple: the more the last owner has been owning the property the better; it’s recomended more than two years but there’s no rule. Again, the more the better.
As you can see from the image above, I was double sure becuase I trusted Carlos and because the society I bought the land from owned the property for more than 10 years. Great, again.

The aboveis very important because it tells you who you are contracting the land with. Is it a person or a society? Is it a person-person relationship or a person-seller one? In my case it was a society but Carlos, the chief, had no exitations when I asked him to put himself before his society, taking personally all the responsibility. And it naturally became a great person-person collaboration.

But let’s now talk about the most important section of the document, the one that tells you if you are going to have troubles: “cargas” (previous charges).

Nota Simple detail

Nota simple, section showing eventual previous charges

6. Charges? That’s exactly what I wanted to read: no charges, no pending proceedings. It basically means that the land has nothing left behind that could cause me troubles. In case it has pending proceedings everything, as always, it can all be fixed by the notary that will make clear that is the seller the one who must pay. But to be sincere I wouldn’t have bought this land if it was not 100% clean. 


There is nothing left but good sense and the ability to understand who you have in front of you. A document, as the Nota Simple is just a piece of paper. Understand deeply the person you are relating to and you won’t have troubles, with or without any document.

Now, once sure that your dreamland won’t cause troubles it’s time to move forward. In Post #6 I’ll tell you which steps I made for finally becoming owner of the piece of land of my dreams.

One more step forward!


1. [Nota Simple.pdf] The PDF file of the Nota Simple document

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