About me

Hi, I'm Marti, I'm an italian Energy Engineer and LEED sustainability designer.
Despite everything it's traveling that taught me the truest meaning of "living a sustainable life", far more than any university could do.

In my journey towards simplicity I moved to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in the wonderful  Fuerteventura, willing to build (in stealth mode) my crazily sustainable home.
It all started as small as that but then I saw such a great interest in the building method that I developed that I decided to do more, for my local community
Even if events made me redefine pretty much everything I kept investigating, selecting a few great professionals to work with, with the clear aim of the project that remaines the same: making sustainability something normal again.

We did it, LITE is now a reality. We have started developing the first 4 project on the island (one of them starting very soon).
That's simply awesome!

My aim is sharing the immense value of sustainability, putting constantly into practice all that I have learnt in the last 8 amazing years of personal, unconventional research and experience.