Each cubic meter of hemp-lime used
reduces the CO2 in the atmosphere.


Our strong footing system make houses stand tiptoed on the ground.


Entry price in the market for a new LITE building. Lower with DIY. 

Download the detailed descriptions of LITE building system sections.

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LITE has been developed to be awesome and sustainable in every detail, 
but these two things are true game changers.

1. Mega Anchors

A genius punctual footing system that creates a strong bond between the house and the ground, reducing the impact on the land to almost zero.

Mega Anchor | www.mega-anchor.es

2. Natural Beton

A 100% natural concrete that breaths.
Astonishing thermal properties, dimensional stability and durability bring green building to another level.

Things can be done with heart also in the construction world.
Let's work together, from the beginning with smart, sustainable, natural design.

Material description & docs

Description Materials Downloads
Step 1 Footing system Mega anchor Tech sheet | Installation | Footprint
Step 2 Wood framing GL24h eco Wood Tech sheet
Step 3 Floor paneling Eco OSB3 Tech sheet
Step 4 Groove-tongue timber (floor, walls & roof) KVH timber Tech sheet
Step 5 Roof paneling See step 3 See step 3
Step 6 Roof waterproofing EPDM Tech sheet | Installation
Step 7 Flashing See step 6 See step 6
Step 8 Roof insulation Green Roof Installation
Step 9 Installations (Water and electricity) Your choice -
Step 10 Walls insulation Sprayed hemp-lime Tech sheet
Step 11 Outer walls finishing Natural lime mortar Tech sheet 1 | Tech sheet 2
Step 12 Floor insulation Premixed hemp-lime See step 10
Step 13 Inner walls finishing See Step 11 See Step 11
Step 14 Doors and windows Your choice -
Step 15 Floor Soundproofing Recycled geotextile Tech sheet
Step 16 Floor Your choice -
Step 17 Last touches & furniture Your choice -